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Dr. Dave Cornelius

Resilient Servant Leader

Dr. Dave Cornelius, aka “Dr. Dave,” is a business, executive, and organizational coach, partnering with leaders and teams in for-profit, startup, and non-profit organizations to deliver a level of awesomeness that meets their goals. He works with Fortune 50 to Fortune 500 companies, helping them to deliver more than $1 billion in customer value. Dr. Dave is a coach to university researchers to facilitate the commercialization of their startup ideas and bring them to market.

Dr. Dave delivers in-person and virtual immersive learning experiences in agile (Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, etc.), design thinking, lean startup, and professional speaking. His doctoral manuscript focused on “The Value of Scrum to Organizations” in support of his management and organizational leadership doctoral path. He also holds a BS in computer science and an MBA.

Dr. Dave is a big community contributor and the founder of the Agile for Humanity conference and meetup that supports the BIPOC community to have a voice in the product development and technology fields. He is the founder of the 5 Saturdays (5saturdays.org) STEAM program that empowers under-estimated high school students to pursue knowledge and careers in STEM fields.

He is the author of five books (Transforming Your Leadership Character: The Lean Thinking and Agility Way, Elastic Minds: What are you thinking?, Prayers to my Abba Father God, Belonging and Healing, and Deliver Value). You will find his monthly podcast and blog, KnolShare with Dr. Dave, on popular streaming services as well as KnolShare.org.

Dr. Dave is a husband, dad, and grandfather.


Deliver Value Book Cover

A Game-Changing Framework for Evaluating What It Means to Create Value

What Does Delivering Value Look Like in the 21st Century – Future of work?

Value is one of those concepts everyone thinks they understand until the moment they must describe it to someone else.

The truth is much of our culture wants value from people, projects, and goals. In this landmark book, Dr. Dave A. Cornelius takes a renaissance view of the 21st century and future of work.  He explains what delivering value means for individuals, businesses, and our society.

Deliver Value is that rare kind of book that not only clearly explains a series of abstract concepts but is also a pleasure to read. Dr. Cornelius uses fictional stories as modern-day fables to help explain what it looks like to deliver value in the real world.

In addition to these fictional stories, Dr. Cornelius also shares interviews with four business leaders to provide real-world examples of what value means in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world.

Inside this book, you will learn:

  • The real definition of value
  • What value looks like to customers
  • What value looks like to businesses
  • How value affects the future of work
  • What leaders want
  • How belonging, diversity, equity, and inclusion contribute to value
  • How to satisfy customers by delivering value
  • The link between delivering value and building a thriving business
  • And Much More

Delivering Value is essential reading for every business owner, executive, manager, entrepreneur, and anyone who cares about the future of work.

Meet the People Interviewed for the Book

Diana Larsen

Co-founder of the Agile Fluency Model.  Co-author of the Agile Retrospectives: Making good team great.

Dave West

Dave West

CEO, Scrum.org.

Howard Sublette

Former CEO, Scrum Alliance (ScrumAlliance.org).


Marty Nelson

Founder, Alchemy Code Lab.


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